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The Art of Rope Restraint
Japanese rope bondage is both a living art form and a vital expression of sexuality. It’s an ever changing, expressive and dynamic collaboration between the top, bottom and the rope. In’s not frozen in tradition. Learn the basics thoroughly. Learn the rules so well you know how to break them beautifully with mindful purpose. -- Midori


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We've spent the last several months preparing our Sexy Secrets Seminars for our Hattiesburg location and now its time to bring them to you! This page contains a list of the topics, dates, and registration information. While we are going to be talking about "very adult topics" surrounding sex and relationships, all of our presentations are informative, professional, and well-researched. Dr Pepper and I guarantee "Educationally Entertaining Sexual Health and Wellness" presentations.

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Welcome to Pepper’s Parties Too! Sexual Health and Wellness Center. We located at 124 Grand Drive, Suite 1030, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
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Our Sexual Health seminars are second to none with our open and informative atmosphere .
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Kathi Pepper

Kathi Peppers has conducted over 2500 shows in 17 years. Not only are there tons of stories to be told in regard to shows (we change the names to protect the guilty!), but a wealth of information is now assembled about how to communicate issues relating to sex and relationships in a professional, but entertaining venue. Kathi has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. Her goal has always been to help good people have great sex while strenghtening their relationship with their chosen partner.

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Tomia Carter from Forward Health Solutions is our next Sexy Secrets Seminar presenter.

Topic: How Hormones Effect Your Bedroom Activities

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